Sectioning Head and burr

COMING SOON - Sectioning Head and Burr

  • 90 degree head.
  • Used to section teeth during difficult extractions, reducing the need for more invasive extraction techniques.
  • Low profile for maximum accessibility and manoeuvrability.
  • Head compatible with all dynamic shafts and handles.
  • Recommended to be used with water cooled handpieces.
  • Used in conjunction with carbide sectioning burrs.
  • Available in cross drive, key drive, slot drive
    or square drive.
EBD_Sectioning Head and Burr 01 WEB

Sectioning Head Burr

EBD_Sectioning head on straight and curved handpieces WEB

Sectioning Head Burr on Straight and Curved Handpieces

EBD_Sectioning head burrs 01 WEB

Burr options for Sectioning Burr Head

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