DYNAMIC Sectioning Head, Handpiece and Burrs

To order a sectioning head only, choose None in the Drive Option, Options and Handpiece Style. 


Dynamic sectioning head and burrs

For use when sectioning teeth / teeth roots during cheek tooth extractions. Especially useful when normal oral extraction is proving to be problematic, when the tooth roots have diverged or are unusually shaped. Can also be used for diastema widening where the small profile of the head is advantageous towards the back of the mouth.
  • Used to section teeth during difficult extractions
  • 90 degree head
  • Low profile for maximum accessibility and manoeuvrability
  • Head compatible with short, medium and long Dynamic handpieces
  • Recommended to be used with water cooled handpieces
  • Used in conjunction with 3.175mm carbide sectioning burrs
Head is compatible with all Dynamic handpieces (straight or curved).

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