Minimally Invasive Buccotomy, Transbuccal Screw Extraction (MTE) ADVANCED KIT

MTE Advanced Kit includes:

  •  Tap M6
  • Trocar sharp long
  • Trocar sharp short
  • Trocar round long
  • Trocar round short
  • Drill sleeve short serrated
  • Drill sleeve long serrated
  • Fragment forcep with spring handle
  • Elevator for root tips slim, Elevator sharp spoon
  • Elevator symmetric
  • Elevator asymmetric
  • Threaded pin (screw) M6
  • Autoclave sterilisation container with silicone mat
  • Metal slotted hammer
  • Drill 3,2 mm
  • Pilot drill/ predrill
  • Drill 5 mm x 200mm
  • Intraoral screws 6mm.

The above is the same as Standard kit but the Advanced kit also includes:

  • Tap M4
  • Tap M7
  • Threaded pin (screw) M4
  • Threaded pin (screw) M7

The MTE kit allows a safe technique for the removal of roots, fractured teeth or those that have insufficient clinical crown length. This technique was first presented at the 2007 AAEP conference by Manfred Stoll and since then has revolutionised the techniques used by Veterinarians for complicated cheek tooth extractions.

This technique has reduced the risk of potential complications that are associated with other cheek tooth extraction techniques.

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