THE EDGE 2 x 40mm S-Blade (Rounded edges) – Medium (Green)

THE EDGE medium style rasp with a slightly more aggressive pattern (and biting) than the PB group of blades.

  • 2 blades included
  • Medium
  • MU Series
  • Colour Coded: Green
  • Suitable for the following Floats: FM 5040, LM 2540, LM 3540, SR 6040, UL 1540, UM 3040

Please note:
1. The Edge Equine ‘S Series’ blades may be used in other makes of similar designed floats provided special adhesive tape
(provided with blade on request) is used and appropriate (and recommended) preparation of each blade is carried out prior
to use.

£82.00 ex VAT

£ GBP ^
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