THE EDGE No14 Bottom Arcade Float (accepts 50mm S Blade)

The Edge Equine Lightweight Floats are crafted from premium quality stainless steel.

Boxing is low-profile and requires only one or two screws to secure the blade to the head of the float.

Grips are made of high quality, solid moulded plastic which are ergonomically shaped for user comfort.

Please Note:

  • All float length measurements are from the top of the shaft to the end of the tool boxing. They do not include grip length.
  • blades are not included with floats and must be ordered separately.
  • FMS5050

Shaft Size: 9.5mm (⅜”) Solid Stainless Steel Rod

Boxing: 50mm (2″)

Shaft Length: 390mm (15″)

Blade Type: S Series 50mm (2″)

Head Angle: +2o

£105.00 ex VAT

£ GBP ^
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