Unique Repulsion MIR Kit – short pins





  • Developed in conjunction with Chris Pearce MRCVS from Equine Dental Clinic
  • Used for minimally invasive repulsion of dental fragments or fractured teeth.
  • For use by vet surgeons in conjunction with careful radiographic positioning.
  • Six pins.
  • Each pin has a block end that slots in to the hammer to aid removal should the pin become lodged in an incorrect positions.
  • Stainless steel box to contain it in included.
  • Replacement pins can be bought separately.
  • 20cms including block end.


This kit comes with the shorter length pins, but the long length pins can also be purchased.



£365.00 ex VAT

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Replacement pins can be sold separately, please call us on 0044 1934 710 780 to discuss your requirements.

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