Fistula Treatment

Titanium Implants to close non healing oro-nasal and oro-sinuidal fistulae

After cleaning and surgical preparation the threaded titanium implants (Fistula Plugs by Stoll)  can be inserted with a Torx screw driver, placed through a transbuccal approach and trandbuccal cannula.

Afterwards a T10 Torx screw is placed into the Titanium implant to minimize the hole of the T30 Torx approach.

Oss synthetic bone plug for small cavities and fistulae 9.5mm x 21mm

Design patented!
(registered design)

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Items all available separately. Tools and Implants set includes Torx screwdriver, T10 and T30 shafts and 7mm/10mm/13mm/16mm/19mm Fistula Implant plugs with screws (not including synthetic bone plug or autoclave tin with screw case)

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